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Welcome to the home page of ET Phone Gnome!

Et Phone Gnome started as a levelling guild. During the years, people levelled up to the highest level and gotten different intrests. At this moment, ET Phone Gnome is a guild open to everyone from lower to higher level, with a decent structure. The guild management is looking for opportunities to expand this guild, and become an all-in-one guild, where every member can grow. Next to levelling opportunities, the guild also offers various PVP & raid events. Every member is valued, and we hope to find more active members who are willing to put themselves up for a responsible position in the group's structure, and looking for ways to expand our goal as a social guild on Eonar.

Should you feel you fit in this concept, poke a guild official or the GM online, or apply on this website.

The Guild Council
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Other Guild News

Guild Bank UPGRADE!

Goendi, Jul 29, 11 2:24 PM.
Fellow Guildies,

the Guild Bank was upgraded with two additional tabs to provide a better service as a guild. Details are listed on our forum!

If you want to make use of the guild's skills and materials, use the "resources" menu to put in requests. Make sure to put all details inside the comment box!


Data updated using GuildPortal helper!

etpg, Jul 14, 11 6:38 AM.
Fellow Guildies,

Using the addon GPHelper (instructions and details can be found at, I succesfully uploaded Guild data into the site. I will try to do so as much as possible, to keep the data up to date.

I hereby request every Party/Raid leader of guild runs, and any GM/officer installs this tool following the instructions, to assist in getting this website up to date.


Weekly raid run

etpg, Jul 13, 11 3:26 AM.
Fellow guildies,

undeadbones will be leading another Ulduar achievement run this friday 15 july 2011. We start at 08.00 PM CET. If you are intrested to join, sign up and be ready to go at 07.45 PM sharp. DPK: 10 attendance, 15 completion.

In addition on saterday 16 july 2011 Pallamina will be leading a Firelands trash run at 03.00PM. Be ready to go at 02.45PM sharp. DPK: 10 attendance, 20 completion.

ET Phone Gnome

DPK updated!

etpg, Jul 13, 11 3:21 AM.
Fellow guildies,

The DPK scoresheet ahs been updated according to attendance. Should I have forgotten anyone, post me a message.

DPK will be used to assign loot items gathered during guild raid events to guild members. As soon as any loot is available, it will be published for a period of 30 days. If after this period it has not been bought, the guild officers are allowed to put the item on the auction house. The profit will then serve the guild bank.

ET Phone Gnome

ET Phone Gnome LIVE on GuildPortal!

etpg, Jun 24, 11 6:55 AM.
Fellow guild members,

ET Phone Gnome has grown to a level 25 guild. The initial purpose to allow gamers to level up, has reached a cap when many players reached level 85. To get more activity and interaction between guild members, this portal is a must. It will be expanded and updated along the way. Watch out for more!

For the horde!
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